Close Events is a web & print zine all about digital intimacy. It is a collection of literature, software, art, websites, etc. about presence, closeness, & loving over the web. We seek to unravel artifacts, facilities, and speculation on proximities & loving over the internet——through personal narratives or larger commentaries.

What is the promise of technology and where does love fit into it? How might we embody intimacy without proximity? What does it mean to be present for someone over the internet? What are our existing relationships and expectations for digital ‘closeness’, and how might we reinvent it? How do you hold someone’s hand over the internet?

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Open Call––
Not yet...
* Interest in Editors: If you are interested in providing editorial support/designing/development, reach out <3

What we’re looking for––
* Works of any form, extant or not, published (as long as you have rights to it) or unpublished. 

Inspired by things like——

* Laurel Schwulst & students’ Life and Death of An Internet Onion
* Melanie Hoff’s Digital Love Languages class and projects—the belief that ‘there is a world where all our software is made by people who love us and that we can contribute to building it
* Craigslist Missed Connections
* Jacky Zhao’s Cursor Chat, a script that anyone can embed onto their site for its simulation of digital co-existing.
* The Sound of Love, a collection of YouTube comments left under love songs and what these comments tell us about space. 
* Placemaking & worldmaking on the internet. Where does love on the internet already exist, and what has cultivated it, and how can we extend this love?
* Handmade & folk computing practices. 
* The poetics of the web, its language, and how it intersects with ‘natural’ dialogue. Close Events is named after the HTMLDialogClose Event. Web-native poetry like ones in The HTML Review.

(If you move your cursor here, know that I touched you there.)